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Why would a Gen X'er want to work with a Gen Z owned business?

By: Makin' It Marketing Staff

Have you ever been to a tennis club where grown adults take beginner lessons?

It’s an ugly sight. The swing mechanics are all out of whack. People occasionally miss the ball.

Even the players doing well, hitting balls in, still look unnatural.

Then, over in the next court, there’s a 10-year-old child with a fluid stroke, no wasted effort, with more pace and spin than the adults 2-3 times their size.

Don’t get me wrong; people can learn new things. But they’ll likely go down 6-0, 6-1 (a bagel and a cruller) to the younger player whose swing is the only swing they know.

Learning a new method of movement is a lot for the brain.

Where am I going with this?

I recently became a strategic partner with Makin’ it Marketing, one of the first-ever Gen-Z owned creative and innovative marketing firms.

I’m Gen-X. I turn 49 later this month. Why am I partnering with a Gen-Z creative firm?

Because the Gen-Z’ers know what many companies are getting wrong with their marketing.

They see the issues with traditional marketing approaches and shake their heads.

And now many in the generation are becoming buyers and workers.

They grew up knowing the importance of internet media, creativity and design.

And by the way, they don’t lack experience. It’s an entrepreneurial generation.

Tara Ostromecky, Founder and CEO of Makin’ it Marketing, has owned businesses for six years.

No, it’s not lemonade stands they are running. Digital marketers are running their businesses now while attending college or high school. Tara started Makin’ It Marketing while studying marketing and entrepreneurship at Nichols College in 2020.

Tara’s team can show me quality proofs in the blink of an eye.

Like any generation, the ability to adapt will be key. And this team I’m working with understands this.

I read some articles the other night about how to market to Gen-Z.

It looks like someone was trying to fill a content deadline. They noted imagery resonates with Gen X.

No kidding, imagery responds with EVERYONE.

Remember the golden age of television? Many folks got hooked on the “boob tube.”

How about those cigarette ads? They looked cool, so the cigarette buyers wanted to look cool.

What Gen-Z is able to do more naturally than others is integrate this into modern digital platforms.

And the hard-working and innovative team at Makin’ it Marketing is ready to work with you on your digital marketing.

Branding, Positioning, Strategy, and Design -

If you need some direction and want to get it from a perspective that works, let’s talk!

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