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We help you define what your brand needs to be, say and stand for.


Utilizing our skills, tools and our dedicated team, we help you create a distinct and timeless brand identity for your brand that you are proud of. 

The right brand and marketing strategy will allow your brand to beat the competition and thrive as a leader in your industry. Our branding services create authentic connections with your company's desired audience in a way that is creative and innovative. 

We offer Brand Identity Discovery, Market Research, Logo Design, Branding Consulting & more!

Logo Design

A logo is the face of your company, and the identity for your business. Having a high-quality, well designed logo can take your business far - from using it within all entities of your business such as your website, social media accounts, labels and packaging, merchandise, signs, business cards, and print media. 


Our goal is to create a logo that you love - one that is timeless and that makes sense for your business. 


We work with you directly to create a scope of work which will let us know what you are looking for out of a logo, and we will provide you with research on other logos within your industry to show you what works and what doesn’t work for others.


We have various levels of logo packages so you can stay within your budget while you are  making an investment that will last your business’s lifetime.

Makin' It Marketing Portfolio Logo Projects
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