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Makin' websites people love

At Makin' It Marketing, we offer full-service website creation, so you can have a high-quality website that accurately reflects your brand. We are your website partner that will be there for you from the time you have no website at all, to the time you need consistent updates and web maintenance to continuously rank organically with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

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Have a website that gets found easily & stands out

We build websites that are optimized for search engines and designed for a high quality user experience.


Our creative team creates your website to reflect your brand have all of the functionalities that you need.


When we build your site, we build an emotional connection with your audience to help you stand out from your industry peers and your site will show the world the faces behind your business. 

Have us build your website from scratch


Don't have a website? Don't worry. We'll create one for you from scratch. After working with us, you'll have stunning and effective site. Throughout our web design process - you'll work with us for branding, photography, and copywriting. We'll never tell you that you need to write your own copy or take your own pictures - we'll simply have a consultation with you to get to know everything about your business and your vision for your site before starting the project. The only thing you need to provide us with is your existing company collateral so we can ensure your site fully reflects everything you offer. 

When we build your website, we're Makin'...

  • Full design to match your brand

  • Animations & scroll effects

  • Brand photography & mockups 

  • Web page copywriting

  • Call to actions that work 

  • Subscription boxes & pop-ups

  • Search engine optimization

  • Integrations with apps that help you run your business

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Why would you need your website designed?


  • You just did a full rebrand, but now your website doesn't reflect it

  • You designed your website on your own, and are not in love with it

  • Your website needs content updates

  • Your website is lacking critical features

  • You want to stop sending your customers to an external site for bookings

  • You want to accept online payments

  • You want to integrate print-on-demand merchandise

  • Your current hosting platform isn't easy to update on your own 

  • Your current hosting platform doesn't provide you with analytics

  • Maybe, you just want a redesign and all that comes with it!

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Search engine optimization (SEO) reports & boosting

Start Makin' It to the top of the results page with SEO


If you look at your website analytics, and see that people are only finding your site when you share the link with them - something is off. That's when you know that your website isn't ranking organically on search engines like Google and Yahoo. 

That's where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. We will do a full audit of your site to help you better understand where there is room for improvement. 

Once we decide on which keywords are critical to be integrated into your site, we'll write blogs that provide value to your audience and highlight keywords and topics that are relevant in your niche. 

Every time we post a blog to your site, we hit every search engine optimization standard.

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With our SEO process, your site will be Makin' It

Keyword research: We identify the keywords and phrases that potential customers will use to search for products and services related to your business with our SEO tools. 

On-page SEO: Utilizing our research, we optimize the content of your website, including the title tags, meta descriptions, URL structure, and content, to make it more relevant to the keywords identified.

Off-page SEO: We do outreach to get your website linked on other websites (backlinking) to improve your website's authority score.


Technical SEO:  We'll make sure that your website is accessible and optimized for search engine crawlers to index it correctly.


Monitoring and tracking: We'll regularly monitor the performance of your website in search engine results pages to provide you with a look at how your website is performing organically on search engines. 

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