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Have questions? We have answers! 

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When was Makin' It Marketing started?

Makin' It Marketing was born in early 2020.


Our Founder and CEO, Tara Ostromecky, first started the business under a different name during the beginning of the pandemic and came up with the name and logo for Makin' It Marketing in November 2020.


Since then, we have served 21 clients and counting and have grown to a team of 5!

Makin' It Marketing FAQ.jpg

How can you help my business grow?

We take a creative and innovative approach at growing businesses. We focus greatly on utilizing digital content and platforms to grow brand awareness.

Goal Action Plan by Makin' It Marketing
Tara Ostromecky andKelley Carlin working on a client project at Makin' It Marketing.JPG

What does it mean that Makin' It Marketing is a Gen Z owned business?

Generation Z is generally defined as the 72 million individuals born between 1997 and 2012.

Gen Z will soon become the largest cohort of consumers—and brands who want a piece of this opportunity will need to understand their tendencies and digital expectations.

Our team is led by people who grew up with social media and digital marketing - so we understand consumer's digital habits based on personal experience and research.

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