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How You Can Use Canva’s New Features To Improve Your Business’s Marketing

On May 23rd, 2024 Canva, the easy-to-learn graphic design platform revamped their brand by implementing a new wide range of tools to help the following professions: Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, and Creative. 

About Canva

Launched in 2013 by Melanie Perkins, Cameron Adams, and Cliff Obracht, their goal was to make a platform for people to create more professional designs and visual content. Canva has since provided users with various templates, editing tools, and creative designs to help others build attractive social media posts, professional presentations, and invitations. The simplicity of Canva has always been a big reason why people in the professions of Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, Graphic Design, and education use Canva daily for their respective fields. 

The recent additions of Bulk Create, Ad Tech integrations, Marketing Work Kits, and Marketing Apps are all new additions to Canva that assist marketing professions as well as various professions by enhancing productivity. 

So What’s New on Canva… and How Can it Help You with Marketing?

Canva introduced many new features, including a simplified sidebar which makes it easy to access various designs and courses that categorize all your projects. Implementing a more strict editor that suggests ways to edit certain designs on the fly based on what you are working on. Coworkers can also offer suggestions on projects you are working on via Canva's suggestion mode.

Some specific additions to Canva that can help companies with their marketing include: 

  • Bulk Create 

  • Ad Tech intergrations

  • Marketing Work Kits 

  • Marketing Apps

How to Use Bulk Create on Canva

Bulk Create is located on the sidebar in the apps section, you simply pick a design you want to substitute with your photos. A column option will pop up where you can enter text manually, and change the name of the columns. You can add an image to their respective column, then connect from the columns to where you want it to go on your chosen design. Canva's newest feature allows small marketing companies to create content more quickly and easily. This allows for creating more original content, which is beneficial for your company's SEO campaign.

Ad Tech Integrations on Canva

Canva’s new Ad Tech Integrations from Amazon, Meta, and Google allow marketers to create localized content within the general guidelines these big organizations provide. Meta’s integration checks to see if designs are proper and put together. Also, Meta has creative guidelines that you can check to see if your designs match their requirements, so you don't have to customize them manually.

Performance-based campaigns are made possible by Google's templates, checklists, and best practices. Amazon allows users to advertise content on demand and edit using Canva. They are a creative asset that helps people market sooner with fewer revisions. These Ad Tech integrations can be great strategies for small businesses looking to create an online presence and visibility.  

Using Marketing Work Kits on Canva

Marketing Work Kits provides specified templates to help you start your next big project. In these Marketing Work Kits, there are a magnitude of different videos and audio to help your brand stay up to date. Marketing Work Kits provide you with premade campaign strategies, report documents, and timeline graphs where all you have to do as a company is implement your information. These kits will help you develop social media marketing campaigns,  marketing planning, and ways to help your business grow. 

Marketing Apps Now on Canva

Along with all of Canva’s new capabilities, they now allow the integration of apps like Asana, Google Ads, Meta Design Check,, and many more. These new integrations help marketing teams with organization, workload management, access to images and templates, and tips on improving your designs. Access to these apps directly through Canva helps with work workflow and collaboration of team members. 

Why You Should Start Using These New Features

Canva’s recent additions truly have a chance to revolutionize the way marketing professionals design and create content. Bulk Create, Ad Tech integrations, Marketing Work Kits, and integration of Marketing Apps will improve workflow, and enhance productivity. 

Whether you are a small business looking to gain attraction online, or a large corporation looking to enhance your strategies… Canva’s new features allow marketers to stay creative and up-to-date on designs while racking up meaningful results for their brand. 

Canva has always been committed to being innovative, encouraging marketers and business owners worldwide to use their platform to show off their creativity.  So, if you want to improve your marketing don’t wait, start using Canva’s new features today.

Don’t have the time to learn all these new features or even use Canva at all? Our team can fully manage and execute your social media marketing & graphic design for you. Interested? Book a complimentary consultation!

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