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Spam Marketing: What is it and how to avoid it

We’ve all seen it, spam is EVERYWHERE. It’s via phone calls, text messages, emails, and now it’s on your social feed. Unfortunately, spam is here to stay, but we’re going to share a few tips on how to avoid seeming like a spam marketer as well as how to avoid getting spammed with content that is not relevant to you while scrolling on social media.

What exactly is spam? Spam is (often) inappropriate, excessive, unwanted, in-your-face, and disruptive communication sent to a large number of recipients. You can get spammed on just about any platform these days, the 2 big ones there’s typically the most spam on are email and Facebook.

Here are some examples of spam marketing:

  • Tagging @everyone in Facebook groups frequently.

  • Sending DMs offering your product or service to people who asked for suggestions in a public space (i.e. on a Facebook group).

  • Sending multiple marketing or sales-related emails to your email contacts in a single day.

What’s the Problem with Spam Marketing?

So let’s talk about why spam marketing is bad and often counterproductive (because honestly, it sounds like it could be fairly beneficial, right?… wrong!).

Your business’s reputation is everything and your presence on social media often precedes you- if you have a bad reputation, you’re not going to get the right clients to build business. Spam marketing can hurt your business's reputation in a few ways.

1.) People will associate you and your business with spam… and because people don’t like spam, they’ll be less likely to reach out to you. 

2.) Spamming people can lead to them unfollowing you or blocking you and your business on socials/emails which means now you’re not reaching them at all.

3.) Spam marketing can cause viewers to tell their friends about how much you spam and while some people may feel that all publicity is good publicity, negative word-of-mouth is 100% bad publicity.

How to Make Sure You Don’t Come Off Spammy

Here are some tips for effective, non-spammy marketing techniques:

1.) Make sure you’ve found your niche and target the right prospects. Not everyone is going to benefit from doing business with you, so put your efforts towards nurturing the right prospects. One thing about marketing is there’s a LOT of wasted money being passed around targeting the wrong audience, let’s make sure your money isn’t being wasted.

2.) Be consistent with your posting, but not always with your content. Posting frequently is important, but depending on the type of business you own, posting daily may not be the right choice. Makin’ It Marketing offers complimentary consultations which you can use to learn more about the right marketing strategies for your line of business and how we can help. 

If you want to learn more about the most effective forms of marketing, sign up for a free complimentary consultation with our team.


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