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Fun night out in Millbury, MA Candle Making with Crystal from Tropical Bath Body

By: Tara Ostromecky

Are you looking for something to do on a Friday night in the Worcester area that’s new & exciting - where you’ll walk away with something you made from scratch?

You need to check out Candle Making Workshops that are being hosted by Crystal Nephew, the Owner and Lead Creator at Tropical Bath Body! 🕯

We were fortunate enough to attend Crystal’s very first candle making workshop to capture photos and videos of the event, and it was so cool being able to see Crystal in her element (teaching others something that she loves to do) and having a fly-on-the-wall perspective by spending the night behind the camera.

Crystal started the workshop off by explaining everything to the attendees from the benefits of making a soy candle to how to prep the jar before filling it with wax - and even how to do mathematical equations when it came to pouring the wax. She truly knows her stuff!

The vibe was impeccable. We started off as a room full of strangers and all left as friends. There were many laughs and stories shared, as well as some plant shopping in the venue, T.A.J Tropicals and Trinkets while the attendees waited for their candle wax to harden.

Being there for event photography and videography, we focused on capturing every big and little moment throughout the event. From a video intro of Crystal to an attendee pouring the wax, we caught it all. We even asked some of the attendees what they thought of the workshop at the end of the event, and here’s what was said…

“This workshop was excellent - Crystal did a fantastic job!” said Tiana Diaz, owner of T.A.J. Tropicals and Trinkets.

"This event was like no other. I had such an awesome time learning how to make candles from scratch and connecting with everyone there!" -Anonymous

Check out the video we made of the event:

If you’re interested in visiting her next event, sign up here!

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