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Building Your Brand's Awareness: 5 Effective Tactics

By: Dylan DeRubeis

The method used by companies of all sizes to increase recognition for the goods and services they provide is known as brand awareness.

Businesses use a variety of strategies to build brand awareness, including logo design, social media content, brand message, marketing, and more. Since all that can be daunting, we've included the best brand awareness-building strategies below so you can be sure you're building it effectively.

1) Identify Your Differences

Finding a trait or group of traits that distinguish you from the rest of your competition is the first step in creating a powerful brand identity. To help you choose the brand attributes you may claim as your own, it's crucial to research your competitors and learn how you differentiate from them.

Keep an eye out for how, if at all, they advertise the same advantages that you do as well as how their messaging differs from yours.

Ask yourself:

How do they portray their company's messaging?

How do they rank in keywords used in the industry? See where competitors might struggle in ranking and attack those areas as your company strengths

By getting a good understanding on how your company compares to others in your industry, you can ensure that you are taking the right steps and carrying out building your own brand identity that is different from your industry peers.

2) Branding Consistency

Do you know what brand has a swoosh? What brand displays the golden arches, or even the company America runs on. Odds are you answered Nike, McDonalds, and Dunkin Donuts. One thing is clear when you consider all major brands that have strong brand recognition, they all have extremely consistent and recognizable branding. It will be challenging for your audience to decode your brand and understand it if you don't stay with a consistent brand identity.

In order to establish brand consistency, businesses should make a brand guide, use the same logo and color schemes, keep a constant tone of voice, utilize similar visual elements, and make sure all messaging adheres to their brand values. Without a strong brand identity, your company is at higher risk for consumer misunderstanding, loss of trust, and decreased customer loyalty, consistent branding must be prioritized in your business plan.

Brand consistency is essential for organizations wanting to establish a recognizable and trustworthy brand. By creating a consistent brand image across all platforms and materials, businesses may enhance the customer experience, increase consumer trust, and increase return on investment.

3) How Search Engine Optimization Relates to Branding

Many people don't realize how vital SEO is for increasing brand exposure. When it comes to garnering recognition from and capturing the interest of your audience, ranking highly in search results for keywords associated with your brand may have more impact than you realize.

Therefore, utilizing SEO tools to expand your business and get the desired results not only demonstrates to your audience that your brand is highly relevant to the terms that they are searching for, but most people also believe the top Google results to be reliable and well-known companies. Consistent blogging is a great practice for increasing your business credibility. When you constantly push out reliable and insightful information especially in blog format which holds a lot, Google will find your company to be a thought leader in the industry as it holds valuable content the public uses. This will increase the ranking of your sites and overall SEO helping your brand.

SEO can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. In today's digital landscape, things are changing rapidly so staying up to date and making sure you follow the best SEO practices will help you and your brand awareness. However if you don't know much about SEO a great alternative is to outsource your blog writing to a company like ourselves who understands it and how it will improve your brand awareness and thought leadership. Check out our blog on SEO to learn more about what practices work best and how it will benefit you.

4) Leverage Your Brand Logo

The most successfully branded companies out there do one thing in common, and that one thing is plastering their logo anywhere they can trucks, buildings, merchandise, etc. But what if you are a service based company and dont have all of that? No worries, plenty of more ways to effectively leverage your logo. A great way is to print your logo on anything your company may giveaway for free, shirt, pens, mugs, etc.

A great example would be if you are a small company who provides a service you can look to sponsor a local event and give away items at the event that have your logo on it. This way you are exposing your brand to a new setting of people and wherever they take your free item your brand follows!

5) Provide Exceptional Service

The last tip is the simplest yet most effective tip of them all. If you provide customers with great goods and/or services that are excellent, customers will recommend you to others. Making it the most effective when it comes to creating brand awareness.

Delivering a service that is out of the ordinary is the quickest approach to get people to notice your brand. The few people that experience this wonderful service will spread the word about you to others like a wildfire.

The best method to do this is to first research your competitor when you're identifying differences. Look for what goods and services they provide and try and consider how your company can stand out from those in the same niche.


Building strong brand awareness is now more essential than ever in the extremely competitive climate that all businesses operate in. Having said that, you should concentrate on your brand by using these 5 strategies we provided you to best increase your brand awareness.

Today we laid out just 5 practices of the best ways to increase brand awareness, and we have plenty more we would love to share with you.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can increase your brand awareness, schedule a complimentary 15 minute discovery call with us.

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