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Summer Marketing Must-Dos for your Service Based Business

By: Dylan DeRubeis

If you've been wondering what to do when it comes to marketing your service based business for the summer - we've got you covered.

To market your service based business for the summer, try the following:

  • Use seasonal colors

  • Offer summer discounts and promotions

  • Host outdoor events or sponsor local festivals

  • Host summer contests

How to use seasonal colors in your content

Color plays a huge role in giving off a certain feel when looking at it.

For example, when we see orange or red we think of fall, icy white and pale blue for winter, lush green for spring, and light, airy colors for summer.

When you are creating content in the summer, you’ll want to make sure to pick backgrounds or add images of things with colors like white, yellow, light blues, light pinks, cranberry red and navy to give off that summer feel - if you can incorporate it into your brand identity.

In addition to adding these colors into your content to give off that summer feel, add imagery like sand and water on your posts and advertisements to really push that summer look.

Offer summer discounts and promotions

Customers are always on the lookout for seasonal deals. Try offering a percentage or dollar amount discount on specific products.

The key to a summer promotion is to create a sense of urgency by making it a limited-time offer. Make the offer only last through the end of August.

What is a Limited-Time Offer?

A limited-time offer is any type of special deal such as free shipping, discount coupon, free gift, or reward which is available for a certain time period. These offers can come in different forms such as ads, pop ups, email campaigns, website banners, etc. The idea is to put pressure on the viewer to quickly purchase or else the deal will be gone and they'll miss it

Below are useful tactics when crafting successful limited-time offer campaigns:

  • Keep your offer simple and brief

  • Advertise your offer with a deadline

  • Use pop up boxes on your website to promote limited time offers

Host outdoor events or sponsor local festivals

Summer is the perfect time to advertise your brand outside in the warm weather. What better way to do it than by hosting an event or sponsoring a local festival!?

There are tons of way you can do this and just some ideas we have for you include

Host or sponsor:

  • A local carnival

  • Firework show

  • Outdoor movie

  • Cookout

Nothing will build more brand loyalty in your community than hosting events for them. When you host or sponsor an event that brings joy and happiness your company will get that same image. Give back to your community while also advertising your brand this summer by trying out one of these fun outdoor events.

Host summer contests

Everyone loves competition and winning, so what better way to advertise your brand than by holding a summer contest.

Brainstorm some contest ideas that will spark interest in your community and word-of-mouth advertising. The idea is to get people excited about your competition and have them tell all their friends and family.

Some easy and quick summer contest ideas for marketing include:

  • Giving away raffle tickets for a free prize of your choosing

  • Holding a photo contest, asking customers to share their vacation pictures on their Facebook or Instagram page tagging your company.

    • The winner will be determined by whoever gets the most likes on their post.

Make sure to keep the competition light and fun. You don't want to over complicate things because then people might be timid to enter!


Summer is a time of joy, happiness, fun and excitement. Use the warm weather and good spirits to your advantage this summer and make sure to capitalize on marketing efforts with the warm weather.

If you are still unsure exactly what you can do to step up your marketing game in the summer and how to best market your service based business, book a complimentary discovery call with us today to learn more!

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